Chihuly Paintings

Chihuly’s Sculpture Paintings

Second grade learned about world-famous American glass artist Dale Chihuly. They learned that Chihuly was involved in a car accident that made him blind in one eye making it difficult for him to continue making glass sculptures. But he didn’t let that stop him, now he makes collaborative sculptures with assistants, to share his ideas with them he first created paintings of the sculptures he wants to create.


Students will paint abstract designs inspired by Chihuly focusing on line color and texture. They will use florescent tempera paints, texture making tools, squirt and spray bottles to create an effect similar to Chihuly’s designs. By squeezing paint from bottles and keeping the images of objects from nature their paintings will be loose fluid and abstract, like glass.


  • Neon Construction Paper
  • Neon Tempera Paint
  • squirt bottles
  • spray bottles
  • liquid watercolor


  1. Introduce Dale Chihuly with a powerpoint I created.
  2. Watch video of his drawings

  1. On 81/2X11 paper have students experiment with his graphite drawing style grasping handfuls of pencils and markers to create FORM and TEXTURE.
  2. Each student gets one sheet of 12X18 neon construction paper.
  3. First use texture tools to paint on the base layer.
  4. Use squirt bottles filled with neon tempera paint to squirt on FORMS: cylinders or spheres.
  5. Use liquid watercolor in spray bottles to spray on additional colors for more texture.



Recognize that some artists work in teams to create art.


Understand relationships between art and concepts from other disciplines, such as math, science, language arts, social studies, and other arts.


Recognize the characteristics of a variety of media.

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