Chihuly’s Ikebana Sculpture

3rd grade Visual Art

Chihuly’s Ikebana Sculpture


Third grade learned about world-famous American glass artist Dale Chihuly. They made their own version of his Ikebana sculpture series using recycled water bottles! They learned the art technique of decoupage and coated the bottles with warm or cool color tissue paper. The Ikebana series is inspired by Japanese flower arranging so next they used pipe cleaners, beads, and tissue paper to create the abstract flowers for their sculptural vases.


FA.3.CX.1.5 Use local, natural, or recycled resources to create art.

FA.3.CX.2 Understand the interdisciplinary connections and life applications of the visual arts.

FA.3.CX.2.2 Understand how to use information learned in other disciplines, such as math, science, language arts, social studies, and other arts in visual arts.

FA.3.V.3.2 Use a variety of media with refined skills.

FA.3.V.1.3 Identify themes from masters’ works.

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