Kindergarten Wildflowers


Day 1:


  • neon tempera paint
  • q-tips
  • black 9X12 construction paper
  • green oil pastels 
  1. First read book about how flowers grow

  2. Look at photographs of wildflowers discuss the colors and patterns we see.
  3. Have students draw overlapping green stems with oil pastel

  4. Put out a different color paint on each table

  5. Talk about how we can make art with unusual supplies like q-tips

  6. Explain pointillism and show how to make flowers out of dots

  7. Have students rotate through table making colored dots for the flowers

  8. End with another book about flowers on carpet


Day 2:


  • 9X6 green paper
  • black marker
  • crayons (neon or construction paper are best)
  1. Talk about what lives in wildflowers – Insects!

  2. Look at artist Ryo Takemasa especailly his insects, talk about how he brakes them down into basic shapes

  3. Show how to draw magnifying glass on paper

  4. Show how to make insects, have them draw inside magnifying glass

  5. Cut out and glue on wildflower painting.

Recognize various symbols and themes in daily life.
Understand characteristics of the Elements of Art, including lines, shapes, colors, and texture.
Recognize characteristics of the Principles of Design, including repetition and contrast.
Identify relationships between art and concepts from other disciplines, such as math, science, language arts, social studies, and other arts.
Recognize key components in works of art from different artists, styles, or movements

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